April 28 in Photo History

Carl Giers 4-28-1828 to 5-24-1877

Born today in 1828 was Carl Giers.  Carl was a German born American who achieved some fame post civil war photographing Tennessee's most prominent individuals.  Most importantly he documented some of the Civil War Generals who had not been photographed.  

A popular resident of the city, he served one term in the Tennessee House of Representatives (1874–1875), having been the nominee of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Giers was the adopted father of Otto Giers (1858–1940), who continued the family trade into the 20th century.

He also did some historic landmarks for stereoscopes. But mainly Carl was a portrait photographer.

Notable other photographers born on April 28 are Melanie Martinez (1995), Ike Altgens (1919), Merlin Bronques (1969)



Carl Giers Self Portrait

Carl Giers Self Portrait