Why Art StoreFronts

A few times a month someone will either ask me in person or online if I recommend Art Storefronts.  Simple answer is overwhelmingly YES.  Art Storefronts has changed my entire art game on so many levels.

Early on in my career as an artist I realized something.  Making art is not the same thing as selling art.  I watched some of the greatest artists I know sell almost none of their work.  And I watched mediocre artists make a solid living, consistently selling work even though is was not as good as other artists. 

Those artists who regularly sold were good at business and especially good at marketing.  Those who had great work but were not selling usually were terrible at marketing.  I hear it all the time in my hometown from other artists "Art doesn't sell here."  And I scratch my head, I sell a lot of art, in fact I make way more now as an artist than I did doing social work or legal work.  The reality is "Art doesn't sell itself." 

And that is where Art Storefronts comes in.  Their website is good.  With their help (seemed I called tech support every other day), it took me about 2 weeks to be up and flying.  Now I was doing a lot of other stuff during this time so during the two weeks I was only focused on my website a few hours a day.   The website is solid but that is not the real value of Art Storefronts.  There are a lot of good websites out there.  The value of Art Storefronts is what they teach you to do and the customer service.

My first impression with Art Storefronts staff was fantastic.  You see I am a bit old school.  Ok, I am just old, so all this computer stuff sometimes leaves me scratching my head.  I can remember pre-calculator days and black and white TV!  And I can be a bit cranky.  I called them regularly and they were amazing.  They walked me through every problem.  There were patient with me and often times would just fix it on their side.  They went above and beyond.  Number one thing you will experience is customer service like no other company in any industry.

Ill be honest here.  In the years I have been with Art Storefronts any issues I had, were 95% mine but they have made a few mistakes on their part.  No one is perfect.  They took 100% responsibility and fixed it as fast as they could.  There was no blaming any one or making excuses, they just admitted the mistake and fixed it as fast as they could.  This company has the most integrity of any company I have ever dealt with.

The most amazing thing about this company is what they are going to teach you.  There is a private group which you will become a member of.  It is not just Art Storefronts staff but all the artists.  I learn as much from these other artists as much as I do from Art Storefronts.  We share tips on everything from art shows to color calibration on your monitor.  It is not just limited to questions and tips about the website.  Any and all aspects of marketing and art production are welcome.

They have playbooks on just about every aspect of digital marketing and marketing in general.  Not just on the things they make money off of.  One thing that I am blown away with is the company seems committed to my becoming a successful artists, not just online.  Recently I attended at zoom meeting talking about the mindset of success.  So much of it was really aimed at life in general but applicable to art sales.  Amazing stuff.

Since the Pandemic, the world shifted, and marketing shifted, and the way art sales shifted.  Art Storefronts did not just respond, they got out in front of the issues and started trying new things out.  The invented whole new ways to market and tried all sorts of software and techniques to perfect the tradecraft of these new ways.  And to a old timer all these new ways are a bit terrifying but there is some one right there to hold my hand as I try them out. 

I talk regularly with Art Storefronts team members.  I do not consider them so much as a service like Go Daddy, I consider them more partners in my art business.  Really more than that, I consider them dang near family.

I am older, cynical, cranky and I do not compliment people easily.  Many American companies are experiencing a problem it seems to me where integrity and value are secondary to profits.  I have been with Art Storefronts for several years.  Each year, the value the company gives me astounds me.  Each year the integrity of this company grows in my esteem.

Ok, the bad part.  They will only work as hard as you do.  They are no magic bullet.

This is not something you can buy into and walk away.  This is a major investment not only of your money but of your time.  And it is a long-term investment.  I seem people sign up and then not be successful regularly.  But what I am seeing is people signing up and then doing things their way and not Art Storefronts way.

If Art Storefronts tells you something is the "Best Practice” that comes from years of research.  They can tell you the number of people having a banner on your page will stop sales because of hard cold data collected over years.  Henry Ford said once, "If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room." 

I am just as guilty as the next guy; I did things on my website my way... no sales.  Had Art Storefronts audit me, followed their advice... SALES.  The proof is in the puddin.  This will work, if you work, this will work if you follow their "Best Practices".  But it will not do squat if you just make a website and walk away. 

Making art is easy.  Selling art, well that is an art in itself and Art Storefronts has it down cold but its a daily grind.  They make it fun as possible and they have taught me so much.

Yes, I can whole heartedly recommend Art Storefronts.  In fact, I would not be with any other company, they are simply the best.