The Road...

The Road


As I sip my coffee this morning I am struggling to write this blog, several ideas are whiling in my head but lately, I have not been nearly as active with my camera as normal.  I got a new computer and have been setting it up, downloading the programs that I use to edit, transferring files etc.…  I am still struggling health-wise with a bum leg that I had hoped would be so much better after surgery.  Yes, the surgery was a success but after limping a year and half apparently, I learned a bad way of walking and need to re-learn how to walk So much of my week is taken up with Doctor appointments and just grumbling in general.

Even with the filled schedule, I managed to get out and take this photo.  

I love studying the history of photography and photographs in general.  One of the things I often notice is that themes run in photographers’ lives.  I guess that could be said of all artists.  But when you study the photographs of the old masters, aside from what they did for pay you will often find subjects repeated over and over.  For me, night skies are a theme, “light in darkness”.  Another theme is storms.  And yet another is the road.  I love the road.  I especially love the roads that are less traveled.  A two-lane blacktop in the middle of nowhere is one of my favorite sights.

The common joke in the panhandle is that it is so flat, you can watch your dog run away for a week.  Flat and lots space make for roads that seem to go from where you are all the way to the horizon.  And you can still find some stretches devoid of powerlines.

For me, my favorite view is out of my windshield.

Of course, I think photography and travel lend themselves as good bed-fellows.