Thank you to all!

Thank you for your support!

February 10th, 2022 was my 1st solo art showing since the pandemic.  I have been in a few group shows over the last few years but this was my 1st time back in the saddle to show a cohesive body of work together.  I told a friend I was as nervous as a 16-year-old going to the 1st prom. I really didn't think I would be considering I am closing in on nearly 40 art exhibits.  But the last one was in 2019.


One of the wonderful things was meeting folks that I have not seen since before the pandemic but also it was wonderful to visit with Social Media friends who I had never met in person.  I was also delighted about the number of questions I got about the moon and Lunar Science and Lunar photography.  

And of course, I loved being able to show off the hundreds of hours of work that went into this show.  This piece is 6ft x 4ft:



Big shout out to Danny Dobervich for keeping things lively with his amazing musical talent.  Danny is in the background playing.  Three wonderful friends here!


I tried to answer some of those questions ahead of time by making some science posters with my images a head of time.  My biggest thank you goes to June my sweetie who puts up with the mad life of this artist.  Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie: