Storms in Life and Weather


Storms in Life and Weather

In 1979 a huge tornado descended upon my home town of Wichita Falls. It killed something like 50 people and left miles of absolute destruction. Life is Wichita Falls was completely disrupted for weeks. Many lost their homes and all they had.

Tornado near Medicine Lodge Kansas

Maybe I should be afraid of storms having watched this monster form and descend and then seeing the aftermath. Instead, I am fascinated by them. I love chasing them and photographing them. There is always amazing beauty to be found along with whatever devastation.

I am reminded of that fateful April and suddenly I know part of my fascination. You see, Wichita Falls came together as never before. People pitched in to help each other and encourage each other as I had never witnessed in my young life. I didn't see a town, I saw a family of humans come together to overcome the devastation. It starts with me. I must be the change I want to see in the world. I must reach out and check on those I know are anxious and encourage them. Isn't technology wonderful that? I have chatted with half a dozen people this morning from all over the world. If you are lonely, reach out to someone today, chances are they are lonely and anxious too. I remind myself I need to not talk on my fears but about the good stuff in my life, I must be a blessing, not a burden. I promise all storms will pass.

The passing of the storm often brings me some of my favorite photos.  Rainbows and sunsets with stunning clouds.  Used to I think I chased to storms.  Now often I find myself trailing behind the storm to see the beauty left behind.