Route 66 Texas, in the Snow

Ambulance outside the U Drop Inn, Shamrock Texas

Route 66 isn't just a old dusty highway.  It is a vacation destination and hobby for people all over the globe!  And part of it goes right through my city of Amarillo.  Thousands of people yearly still get their kicks traveling what John Steinbeck called the Mother Road.  I have traveled it fairly regularly, especially in my home state of Texas.  Yet, I never traveled it in the snow and seen few snow photos of it.  So when a litteral blizzard hit Texas (as defined by the weather service) off like a shot I went in search of things for my trusty Pentax to capture!

 The famous U Drop Inn of Shamrock, Texas, the first sizable city on Route 66 in Texas from the Oklahoma border.

Route 66 goes from Chicago to Santa Monica.  It takes an odd jount through Kansas.  Kansas has the second shortest amount of the Famous old Highway with some 18 miles.  Texas for being so big, has the second shortest amount of Route 66 with only about 180 miles.   

The old restored Phillips 66 Station in McLean, Texas

The leaning tower in Groom.  For the record, it was set up this way to attract attention for the business next door.  I think it worked!

Groom, Texas has a lot of neat things.  Most notably is the nearly 300 foot tall cross and stations of the cross but it worth going into Groom to see some of the older business.

Probably the most famous steak house on Route 66 and one of the most famous stops in Texas.  It is no longer technically on Route 66 but before the famous highway was decommissioned it was.  Shortly after the interstate opened and Route 66 was decommissioned, they moved to the current location in 1970.

Another sight worth seeing that is technically not on Route 66 but just a few blocks off is the old Paramount sign.  I had to start back up the next day and skipped Amarillo's Route 66 thinking I could come back and get it more at my leisure but, I had car issues and by the time I got my wheels rolling the snow was gone.

Another of the Famous landmarks associated with Route 66 but not technically on Route 66 (just across the highway) is Cadillac Ranch!

Bushland, Texas looking east.

Another Bushland vintage sign on Route 66

I have to admit I smile every time I see this.  AC/DC was a favorite when I was growing up.  Every time I pass it I start humming some of my favorite rock n roll!

Some of the windmills in Adrian, Texas right off the historic highway!


No better place for pie or a hamburger than the Midpoint Cafe!  It is so good I regularly travel the 45 miles from Amarillo just for the Elvis Peanut Butter Pie!

Glenrio is pretty much a ghost town.  The stories these walls could tell!