Moving Kind of Slow


I am sorry for the brevity of this blog.  I had some minor surgery last week and am still recovering so I am moving slower than normal.  I was able to get out to Cadillac Ranch and do a shoot at sunrise so I hope you enjoy this photo.

For those of my readers not familiar, Cadillac Ranch is the oddest outdoor art installation you can imagine.  In the early 1970’s the Ant Farm (an LA art collective) buried the Cadillacs nose down at an angle).  Today the cars are covered with inches of spray paint from graffiti which is welcomed.  The Cadillacs change within the hour and thousands of visitors leave their mark.  I have seen stunning pieces of work on the Cadillacs that is covered up with in an hour.

I love Cadillac Ranch but not for the reasons you might expect.  It is located right on Historic Rt 66 and draws tens of thousands of people monthly.  I love doing time lapses of the sunset.  For the most part it is only the Cadillacs between me and the horizon and the Texas sky are so often pure magic.  A time lapse is sequential photos, then I can take those and render them into a high quality video which is sped up so you can watch an entire sunset in a few seconds.

The thing I love most about Cadillac Ranch isn’t the cars or the graffiti (I am actually fond of good graffiti art) but the people.  I have visited with people who are visiting Rt 66 from almost every continent and countless nations. Almost always they are filled with questions and often I end up taking photos of them on their cell phones before the Cadillacs.  I have gained friends with whom I still correspond from around the globe.

It is so fun for me to listen to the various opinions about the Cadillacs.  Love it or hate it or ambivalent about it, Cadillac Ranch is a tourist draw.  I may not photograph many people but I love meeting new folks and hearing their stories and there is no place better than Cadillac Ranch.

Hopefully next week I will be back in the full swing of things.  And yes the surgery on my leg was very successful.  I am mostly being lazy…