Life is what your Focus on.

Tree at Lake MacKenzie at Sunset

I had done an overnight time-lapse of this old tree. I arrived at about 6 pm the night before to photograph the sunset and was rewarded with amazing light to the east from the reflection of the sun off the clouds. Then I photographed the stars and Milky Way Rising. I had actually stopped shooting sometime before the sunrise. I wanted enough battery to catch the sun if it was a pretty sunrise. So here in sequence are a few of the shots. It's amazing how the drama of the odd dead tree adds to the sky.

Life is like that, it seems we humans have to have something to focus on. I have had to learn to guard where I focus closely. In my life I have learned its easy to focus on the negative. But that just brings me sadness. To focus on what could be and the good of life brings me joy. But that is a choice. And honesty, not an easy and one that has to practice over and over. The negatives clamor loudly whereas the metaphorical sunsets are quiet.

Four Hours of the Movement of the Stars in One Image

As a side note, focusing on the good stuff doesn't mean you ignore the bad. There was a rattlesnake at that base of that tree that I was keenly aware of all night long, but being aware and focused are two different things. Don't let the snakes rob you of the joy of the beauty in life.