...just a big kid.


For somethings, I am still just a big kid.  I still feel wonderment and terror every time a fire truck goes by with lights flashing.  Watching airplanes take off still gives me a feeling like magic is real and I love the boom and flash of fireworks. 

The city of Amarillo had their 4th of July Celebration early.  Having it on the weekend allows for an all-day celebration.  Combined with an Rt. 66 Festival and you got a wonderful weekend of food, art, and music!  Amarillo at its best!

The fireworks were launched over the downtown.  Last year I choose to try and catch the explosions just over what I consider the most iconic building of the downtown: the Santa Fe Building.  I wanted to continue that idea of creating an icon Amarillo image and this year I decided that I wanted to try and catch the fireworks just over the Paramount theater sign.  The Paramount Theatre sign speaks loudly to me of the downtown area in Amarillo.

I found out where the fireworks were going to be launched and did some calculations on the map and some basic geometry.  That put me right across the street catawampus to the sign.  As I sat my camera up and listened to the concert that was going on a few blocks away I watched a thunderstorm to the north spit the occasional lightning bolt.  I wish I left my hat in the car as the wind kept me pushing it down tighter on my head.  I love Amarillo, a half dozen different people stopped to visit with me. 

Sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men, so the saying goes and both my plans to photograph the fireworks and the plans to launch the fireworks were foiled.  The fireworks were delayed because of the storm with only one of the rockets going off.  But this was enough to let me know I was very much in the wrong spot.  I adjusted by a block and a half and had to adjust even more once the fireworks resumed.    The little boy in me was satisfied though, it was a marvelous display and over the romance of the theater sign, I was well pleased with my decision. 

Someone once asked me what skill I thought was most important to being a good photographer.  I think it’s the ability to improvise.  When I scan back through my mind, I can think of a few shoots that went exactly as planned but only a few.  Almost always something will happen with the weather or equipment that has caused me to think on my feet and adjust.  But I think honestly I kind of like that, photography for me seems an endless adventure.

Now I am wondering what landmark will be next in my Amarillo Fireworks series.  I have a year to plan.  Here is all of you, hoping that your 4th of July, if you are in the United States, is wonderful and those of you who follow me not in America, I hope you enjoy the images.