For the last 11 years, Tucumcari, New Mexico has had the "Fired Up" Celebration at the end of summer in September. It is a daylong celebration with car shows, food, music and all the fun that comes with the end of summer.  Since it started the Odd Lab from Las Cruces, New Mexico has performed.  

These folks dance with fire and use some crazy cool props.  At times I felt like I was watching some ancient rite of worship and other times it seemed like something from the set of Batman!  The low light and fire begged for my camera though as those fast low light scenes are the once I love best!


Tucumcari?  Well, it is my new hometown.  It is a Maybaryesque little place of 5000 people.  In a way it is in the middle of nowhere New Mexico as the closest Wal Mart is 100 miles away. In another way the world seems to pass through.  It is a Route 66 town.  In the 60's the interstate passed it by much like the animated movie Cars.  I40 goes just south of town and the world whisks by on that main artery of the American Highway system.  A lot of travelers get gas and perhaps a good meal (we have some dynamite places to eat).  But Route 66 itself is now a destination with people taking their vacation just to travel the old mother road highway.   So, we have a lot of travelers in our humble little town. 


After watching this, I asked my sweetie, June, if I could have a flame thrower.  She emphatically told me no.  But man, did it make for some cool photos.  This is the guy who made me think I was watching a villain from Batman.  Photographing fast moving low light is challenging.  It is amazing what modern cell phone cameras can do but I was using my old trusty Pentax.




If you missed it, keep tabs on Tucumcari.  It is a hoping little town on Route 66 worth a few days visit and the Odd Lab will be back for next Fired UP!