Fall Colors in Colorado

Normally October is one of my busiest months photography wise because of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  It has become a tradition that my oldest and closest friend (we have known each other since grade school) trek to New Mexico and photograph the Balloons.  I come home with thousands of Balloons.  Sadly this year that won't happen with Covid 19, as it has been canceled.  So we decided to take a road trip anyway.  Staying pretty much to ourselves the entire trip, we spent almost the whole trip outside away from civilization photography the fall colors.

The aspens in Colorado are amazing to photograph and the mountains make for a perfect backdrop.  We stayed the nights in Montrose Colorado.  But we drove all over the place.  Really our only time to be social with folks was the few times we risked eating out.  We took the issue with the pandemic seriously, wearing our masks in public like getting gas, etc.  It was really no big deal to do so.  

While I was there I continued to photograph the moon.  

I tried to include some landscape in my photos of the moon.  Often this is hard.  The moon is moving at 2200 miles per hour.  So it doesn't stay near the horizon very long.

I tend to sort of obsessing on subjects until I get them perfected.  The moonrise is my latest focus.  Perhaps that might be the next blog!


Until later, stay safe.