Cadillac Style



Getting Some Kicks on Route 66

Cadillac Style!


A friend of mine owns one of the coolest cars every built.  In fact there are only 7 that still exist.  It is a 1941 Cadillac Model 6229 D Sedan Convertible.  It is also an Automatic which is really rare!

We met at the famous Cadillac Ranch.  If you know about Cadillac Ranch, you might not know that it attracts over a million visitors a year.  If you don't know about Cadillac Ranch, it is 10 Cadillacs buried nose down at the angle of the great pyramids.  The Cadillacs were burred in 1974 by the Ant Farm, an art collective.  The Cadillacs are from 1949-1963.  


What better place to meet?  While Cadillac Ranch is not exactly on Route 66 is it very close and widely associated with Route 66.  Today as much as possible we would travel Route 66 from Amarillo, Texas to Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Our first stop was Vega, Texas and the Magnolia Station which was built in 1924.  Route 66 was started in 1926 so this station was built before Route 66 even existed.  Great photo op.  It wasn't the best though as the sun was to the east of the building which put the Cadillac in a shadow.  I am still pleased with the photo.  


Vega, Texas may be a small town but there is so much to see here.  One of the best museums is here. The Milburn Price Culture Museum is so neat to visit.  They have so much here from an old printing press that you get to run and make your own post card to old cars and wagons and Route 66 history. 

But the real treasure is the people who you will meet here.  The community really backs this museum so get ready to get a cup of coffee and listen to the stories.

If you come to Vega, plan on staying at least an afternoon.  There are some really cool things to explore like Dots Mini Museum, the Vega Motel, there are several shops to explore and few nice places to eat.  If you stay too long, one of neatest bed and breakfasts: The Station 66 Vega  is the perfect place to stay.

The Mid Point Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat on Route 66. It is called the midpoint because it is half way to the end of Route 66 in LA from the beginning of Route 66 in Chicago.

Not only is the Mid Point Cafe an amazing Route 66 Photo Opp, it is one of the best places to eat.  Ok, it has been years since I regularly ate a bologna sandwich but wow, they make one that gourmet, with thick slices of good bologna and cheese, grilled onions and mustard!  Don't knock it till you try it!  But the pie is seriously world famous.  

Leaving Adrian, one is treated with the landscape of Texas.   There is a joke amongst us who live here: "Its so flat if you stand on a bucket, you can see into next week."  In some places this seems true and for a short stretch from Adrian to the legendary Glenrio, this certainly seems true.  But the sky, that amazing Texas sky is an unending canvas of color.



There is so much to see and explore on Route 66 in Texas. This is just part one of our little adventure.  Next week I show our trip from Glenrio to Tucumcari! 

Hope your journey is safe and filled with fun!