Blizzard on the High Plains of New Mexico and Texas

A blizzard hit the High Plains. Parts of Texas and New Mexico were buried under ice and snow. I have not looked at the news to be able to tell you an amount but the little driving I did, there was a coat of ice beneath the snow on the road and anywhere I stepped the snow was over the cuff of my shoe.


If you read any history of Route 66, for years the saying Tucumcari pushed out to the travelers was “Tucumcari tonight.” This became a forced issues as the highway were closed. Serious pile ups were reported both east and west of our little town of 5000 and I saw something I have not seen before: the streets lined with semi-trucks.


Part of the reason for my moving to Tucumcari is the Authentic Route 66 that you will encounter here. The Tee Pee Curious and Gar Ingman fame was a gas station in the days before the interstate. Today it is a Curious shop that must be visited. It feels a bit like walking into a museum (only one where you can buy the displays). Here is the internationally famous Road Warrior. That guards the Tee Pee Curios. I didn’t realize just how famous till a traveler from Germany who spoke no English, showed me on his phone the Road Warrior and gestured for directions.