A Light in Darkness


A Light in Darkness


A few days ago, I sent out a newsletter with the same title.  For many, these lates days seem very dark.  I have friends who have come down with the Corina Virus.  Friends in Italy who are dealing with troubles they have ever known.  Many of my friends in America have been sent home from their jobs not knowing if their work will survive the often mandatory shutdowns.

I was reading some clips from the local newspaper from 1918.  Guess what?  We have been through this before and ... here we are. We have survived 100% of the tough days we have been through.  Have you ever thought of that? You have survived the hardest things you have gone through in your life.

The Gallery is closed for the time being, so we can get over the Covid-19 issue.  While home I thought I would take some time and catch up a bit.  I have been so busy working on stuff getting the Gallery open, I have neglected my website and blogging and News Letters.

I love shooting this old Church.  It was abandoned by the Catholic Diocese in 1950 as the town it was in had become a ghost town.  I think today this is the only building standing of that little community near Seymour, Texas.

I thought I would show you my favorite photos of the Church.   That is not the sun, it is the moon.  I caught this image as the moon was rising.

Here is a shot looking west at sunset.  The church has been empty for a long time yet it draws a lot of lookers.  It is in the middle of now where really.  I can't think of a time I have been there when I didn't meet someone doing photography or just coming to pray.

It is definitely abandoned and ravaged by the 70 years of lack of upkeep, but it still very much quiets the soul and calls one to be quiet inside and listen.  To me, the truest form of prayer is listening.  God echoes the loudest in the silence of our souls.

I love how the light bounces around in the Church, playing in the darkness almost metaphorically.  

The Center to the entire structure is the cross.  

Back outside at night, where the stars are so bright from being so far from any major city, the moon sinks westward toward a new day.


This old church has existed through a cholera outbreak in Texas that killed 10's of thousands of children.  The Spanish flu which brought the state to its knees and shut down every major city.  It survived wars and depressions and recessions.  It survived droughts and crop failures and downturns of every kind.  Do you know what it is not surviving?  Neglect.

Neglect is allowing the roof to fail and the broken windows to allow the weather in.  Faith, hope and joy are like that also.  Those great gifts require nurturing and tending to.  What are you doing to build your hope?  Are you looking for the positive in your life today or are you allowing the storms to tear off your shingles of love?  Are you nurturing your love? Sure you can't go see someone in person but a phone call to a lonely person is worth its minutes in gold to them.  Don't let the storms and weather of life into your heart.  Tend it well and you will weather these hard times just fine.

Storms and night don't last, the dawn is coming I promise.


Jim and June