57 Years and Galloping Strong

57 Years and Galloping Strong

TEXAS the Outdoor Musical Drama opened for its 57th season.  Kind of amazing to think about how many people have watched this play and participated in it.  I talk to folks my age who remember coming to see the play in the 60's and 70's with the fondest memories of family outings.  

This blog is part one.  I am sad to announce this is my last season of photographing the play officially.  My health is declining, and it is harder for me to get around.  I finally put handicapped tags on my truck which was kind of a kick in my pride.  But life goes on and I have been promised I can come back with my camera when I feel up to it.

I have had the honor of photographing the play off and on since 2016.  I have been paid to photograph a who's who of famous rock bands, models and other performances.  I run into my photos in print regularly.  With all that under my belt, my favorite performance and performers to photograph are this bunch of kids and a few senior kids who pour their heart and soul into the performance.  You will not see a more entertaining or professionally done play on Broadway.  

Sad Monkey Peek.

Part of the Magic of seeing the play is where it is performed.  Palo Duro Canyon State Park is one of the most magical places in Texas.  The canyon is the second largest in the United States (behind the Grand Canyon).  At 117 miles long and some 800 foot deep in places it embodies the old west.  The park is the perfect place to explore the Canyon.

Pioneer Amphitheater

This is the Pioneer Amphitheater where the play is performed.  This is the view from the Rider on the Rim. That first photo?  When she is looking down this is what she sees (only filled with an audience this was taken in the day before for folks show up.)


This is more in line with what the audience sees, I get a better view with my 500mm zoom lens!


Kids come from all over the world to audition for the play and those smiles you see on the kids as they dance and sing, well they are not just make up, those kids are having a blast, show after show.  The other thing, the music and singing are not canned.  Not only do the cast dance well, but they sing, and the musicians play crazy well!  TEXAS the musical will take you right back to the days when musicals were king!

I am still hung up on the using the Canyon as a backdrop for the play.  What an amazing genius idea, instead of curtains for the play, why not those unbelievable Texas Sunsets?  And if that is not enough, after the sunsets, where else but Texas can you reach up and gather as hat full of stars? 


Just a few of the scenes from Texas that is going to make you smile and tap your toes!~  Get your tickets now at TEXAS Outdoor Musical