Looking Back at 2019 and Forward to 2020!

2019 in the bag...2020 up!

This year went something like this…

Jaaaaaaaannnnnuary, Feeeeebruary,  Marrrrch, aprlmayjunejuly DECEMBER!

The other saying that rings so true is in 2019: " I set out to lose 15 pounds, I still have 25 to go."

I don’t remember a year in my life that happened so fast.  2018 closed with a crazy idea of doing a book on Route 66

Combining my “I am” project with America’s Mother Road seemed like such a simple idea.  Taking photos of the people who work and travel Route 66.  A simple idea or so I thought!

That simple idea led me to travel some 25,000 miles in one year on one highway.  Now considering Route 66 is only 2400 miles by some estimation, to travel 25,000 miles on it in one year is kind of amazing.

Traveling and taking photos and researching America’s Mother Road took an enormous amount of my time and without a doubt has been one of the most fun projects I have ever done.  It allowed me to shoot things I would not normally do or even think about. 

One of the most amazing things I shot this year combined my new love of Route 66 and the night sky.  In January, I photographed the Lunar Eclipse over the famous U Drop Inn in Shamrock Texas.  If you liked the movie Cars, you might remember this classic building!

The full moon rising over the U Drop Inn.  Soon after this photo, it would start the phases toward the full Eclipse. 

This photo shows the phases of the Lunar Eclipse for January 2019 over the U Drop Inn in Shamrock Texas on Route 66.

Traveling Route 66 allowed me to see so many new things and meet so many amazing people that I could write a book about it.  Oh wait, I am!  Stay tuned.  News on that is coming soon.


My partner in crime and sweetheart, June and I did a few storm chases.  Mostly we saw amazing sunsets which are wonderful, Any time with June is amazing, add in a wonderful Texas Sunset and you got some kissing time!  But we caught some nice cloud structure and lightning.  

Here is perhaps my favorite photo of the year. Shot from the hip with my phone as June enjoys a moment with one of the amazing horses at  Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West.  I couldn't ask for a better partner to chase pixels with. June makes my life so much more enjoyable!

My good friend Mark Dierker and I got a nice short road trip into Northern New Mexico to look at a Gallery.  The deal with the gallery fell through but when you get us in the car, the photos ops abound. 

 Mark is a brother from another mother whose work is a constant inspiration to me.  Check out his social media and web page: Bear Dancer Studios

My great friend Phyllis Witt Nickum graciously allowed me some horse time.  Phyllis owns Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West 

If you are traveling through Amarillo and want an old west experience horseback, hers is one of the best: Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West

I got in several nights of night sky photography.  This was my best shot of a shooting star.

I also caught a few shots of the moon that I was happy with!


My heart swelled with Texas Pride as I was given the privilege of photographing the Rider on the Rim for the play Texas once more.  If you are traveling through the Texas Panhandle in the summer this is a must stop and see experience.  Check out their website for Ticket information HERE!


October caught a rare snow, which allowed me to photograph Cadillac Ranch in an even more surreal setting.

My oldest and perhaps closest friend in the world (oldest in how long we have known each other) Damon Halper and I traveled once more to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

While we were in New Mexico, we visited Santa Fe and Taos.  

November and December were my slowest month as far as shutter count, but I was very very busy.  Much of November was preparing to open a new Gallery. 


I partnered with Penny Clark, Brandon Oliver, and June to open “I am Rt 66 Visitor Center and Gallery.”  Most of the credit for this place really goes to Penny.  Her good taste in remodeling and decorating and muscle made the soft grand opening a success. 

Brandon and Penny at our counter!

Our first artist to exhibit was Ben Jacobi.  Ben is responsible for my coming into the digital age.  Amazing photographer.  His focus is on landscapes and storms.  He has some of the most amazing photos.  Check him out here: Photography by Ben Jacobi.

December we opened “I am Rt 66 Visitor Center and Gallery.”  Odd name for sure but we home the “I am Rt 66” Project.  So you can stop and see the latest on the Project and we are focused on Route 66 art.  Not only that but our goal is to become a place that has all the information you need for your travel through the Panhandle of Texas and enjoy our amazing part of the old west. 

Right now we are fully functioning Gallery and by March the Visitor Center will be rocking.  We love the Texas Panhandle and Route 66 so it was a natural fit for us.

I have so much yet to accomplish.  We gathered over 400 portraits on Route 66 and over 20,000 photos.  I still have like 40 portraits to edit and countless photos of the Road that I can edit.  It feels like my idea to lose 15 lbs but still needing 25 to go.  I had no clue how much material I would end up collecting for the book when I started.

Well, 2019 is ending as one of the busiest of my life but one that I am most happy with.  Great things are planned for 2020 so keep an eye out! 

I hope you and yours have a wonderful new year and that this new year brings you all of your dreams and hopesThank you for coming along this crazy journey.  More to come!